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Other Services

Are you in need of additional services? We offer rituals, meditations, and more!

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Intuition &

Extra Sensory Perception


Do you have vivid and intense dreams?

Do you see orbs, colors, shadows, or apparitions?

Are you intuitive?

Are you empathic?

Do you feel disconnected from God?

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Love & Karmic 



Is she the one?

Is she in love with me?

Will we reunite again?

Is he my soul-companion? 

Are we twin flames?

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Spiritual & Karmic Energy Drains


Are you feeling confused?

Do you feel lost?

Are you feeling and seeing stagnation in your life? 

Does your energy feel blocked? 

Do you feel drained of all of your energy when you are around someone specific in your life?

Has someone projected the Evil Eye upon you?

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Spirituality -

Meditation - Prayer


Are you successful yet unhappy?

Despite success, career, and reputation are you still searching for something or someone to fill the voids?



Soul Regression Healing & Therapy​

*Packages & 3 day retreats available


Spiritual Rituals

Love & Romance

Health & Well-Being

Career & Success

Protection Against & Removal of the Evil Eye & Psychic Attacks

Special Events & Parties

Please Call for Pricing & Details

Marriage Ceremonies


E - Gift Certificates


*Please contact us for more details about additional services

To book an appointment,

please call 817-200-7662

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