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Our Mission 

The mission of the entire staff at The Aura Clinic is to ensure that our clients/customers/patrons receive a truly blessed, and spiritually enlightening experience when they enter our sanctuary. We want our clients/customers/patrons to receive the spiritually inviting, serene environment that we work diligently to create! Whether you just come in to browse, purchase or retain a service, we do hope, and pray, that you enjoy your time here!

About Us

The Aura Clinic LLC is a full service wellness and holistic sanctuary located in Southwest Fort Worth. We have been providing holistic services since 1997. We offer readings and many different alternative healing services. We are Dallas/Fort Worth's premiere intuitive resource sanctuary.

Our highly skilled intuitives & Healers follow a long and rich cultural history of intuitive abilities. Our intuitives possess proprietary esoteric knowledge and have also studied and networked with many other intuitives, psychics, healers, philosophers, and spiritual leader's from all around the Earth. 

The Aura Clinic LLC

We provide time tested proven techniques & rituals along with extremely acute and accurate intuitive skills. We also integrate state of the art tools along with cutting edge science which helps to bridge the spirit with the mind and body. 


Whatever your cultural, spiritual, or ethnic background, we look forward to meeting you and guiding your spirit!

We wish you many blessings!

Getting Here

6233 Oakmont Blvd

Fort Worth, TX 76132

Tel: 817-200-7662

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