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  • What is holistic healing?
    Holistic healing is looking at the entirety of a persons life and remedying the various aspects of it that may be disturbed. Instead of focusing on one facet of a person (social life, mental state, etc), holistic healing focuses on mental, spiritual and physical healing as smaller parts to becoming a Whole Well Being.
  • What is Intuition?
    The term Intuition should be considered an umbrella term. All forms of Extra Sensory Perception fall under Intuition. At the basic level for all humans Intuition manifests itself as gut feelings, vivid dreams, deja vu, and premonitions. ​ Advanced Intuition pertains to acute abilities regarding perception and there is a long list. This includes: psychic, Aura perception, channeling & mediumship, astral travel or projection, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, divination, dowsing, empathy, exorcism, energy manipulation or Reiki, precognition, psychometry, remote viewing, scrying, and a perception of overall spirituality to list a few. These are all sub branches of Intuition. ​ Some individuals may possess only one ability where as others may possess multiple abilities. Our Intuitive's possess many abilities. Each client is different thus each reading is different. For example, during a Tarot card reading several abilities may be employed. A client may have spirits or entities who attempt to communicate during the session. At that moment our mediumship abilities will come into play. Again, every reading/session is different. ​
  • Is this the Devil's work?
    No! We take great offense to the notion that any service or merchandise we offer is "the Devil's work!" We consider our facility a sanctuary, temple, house of God! ​ Our staff works tirelessly to maintain an energetically, spiritually and physically clean place for people to feel safe, secure and well taken care of. ​
  • Am I going to hell?
    That is between you and God!
  • Are psychic's evil?
    People, in general, have the capacity and potential to be malevolent and evil. Your husband, your wife, mother in law, parents, siblings, next door neighbors, co-workers, clergy, politicians, actors, doctors, lawyers, law enforcement officers, social workers, gas station attendants, even your local barista can be evil, mean, malevolent. Evil has no specific affiliation to creed, color, sex, gender, career, religion, education level, or ethnic background! Evil exists where LOVE, LIGHT & KNOWLEDGE are absent!
  • Do you believe in God?
    Yes! We emphatically believe in God! We believe that all roads lead to the God, creator of the Universe! We have many different visions of God within our facility. We honor and respect culture and history. You will find many images of various spiritual beliefs including the Trinity and Jesus Christ throughout the store.
  • What is an Aura?
    An Aura is a live, ever changing field of energy that surrounds each individual being on the planet, including the Earth itself. Our individual Auras are made of the bioenergy coming from our chakras.
  • What is a Chakra?
    The literal translation for Chakra is 'wheel of light.' The Chakras are located in, and around, the physical body and can take on and interact with others Chakras and Auras.
  • What is a Chakra & Aura Cleanse? How does it work? What is the process?
    Cleansing the Aura is the process by which Aura Clinic practitioners physically manifest frequency change in your personal energy field (Aura). By utilizing a Four Point System we are able to modify your Aura (the type of colors & frequencies that you emit) and remove decay from each Chakra thus rejuvenating your Auric field and increasing your odds of achieving balance, internal peace, contentment and success. Step 1 - Book your appointment, this can be done online, over the phone or in person. Step 2 - When you arrive for your appointment please quietly let the front desk know that you have arrived. Step 3 - Please shut off your cell phone completely; no audio or video recording is permitted and you don't want to disturb your own session. Step 4 - Please let us know if you are allergic to any aroma therapy oils such as: Rose, Lavender or Citrus scents. Step 5 - In order to receive the full benefits of any cleansing the oils and stones must make skin contact so please remove all clothing except under garments. Step 6 - Once the practitioner begins they will spray you with potent aroma therapy oils and place stones up and down your body, in your hands, over your eyes and on your forehead. Step 7 - At certain segments the practitioner may step out during the session to allow the stones and tools to facilitate in their work. Step 8 - At certain points the practitioner will initiate the channeling / energy transference (reiki) process by touching your feet or specific Chakra's, so please don't be alarmed. Step 9 - At certain points the practitioner will use a tool to tap specific areas of your body including your Root Chakra, please don't be alarmed, he or she is affirming and reaffirming the Chakra. Step 10 - When your session concludes your vision will be blurred, please allow a few minutes for your vision to focus. If you have any other questions about the cleansing process please contact us.
  • What is a metaphysical store?
    Metaphysics is anything defined as an abstract philosophy that attempts to clarify the fundamental notions by which people understand the world (I.E. existence, objects and their properties, space and time, cause and effect and possibility-just to name a few). In our humble opinion, the steeple of a good metaphysics shoppe is to be able to cater to multiple secular religions and their unique ritual/spiritual needs.
  • Why do you charge for services and merchandise?
    In order to supply the public, customers, and clients with a peaceful and serene sanctuary and the utmost professionalism it requires financial resources. As with most business models, we calculate all of our costs into our prices for services and merchandise. Costs coverage includes, but is not limited to: the commercial space, overhead for daily operations, and the large inventory we carry from all over the world.
  • Is this (our readings/rituals/gifts) real?
  • How do readings/sessions work? What is the process?
    Step 1 - Book your appointment, this can be done online, over the phone or in person. Step 2 - When you arrive for your appointment please quietly let the front desk know that you have arrived. Step 3 - Depending on availability at the time of your session, you will be assigned an intuitive (no scheduling specifically assigns you with a particular intuitive, if you would like to see someone in particular, you are asked to state so when you schedule your appointment and it must be at least one week in advance). Step 4 - Please shut off your cell phone completely; no audio or video recording is permitted. We will ask to see your phone to ensure this policy is taken seriously. Feel free to bring pen and paper to take notes. Step 5 - The intuitive will direct you to sit down. At that time you can begin to think about any questions that you might have, and your life. If you are wanting to channel with a specific spirit/person passed please focus on that soul. Step 6 - Our intuitive's, in most cases, don't ask for any pertinent information, however, there are times that they may ask for you to state your birthday out loud. They may also ask for you to state your name out loud as well. This is so that they can call forth upon any spirit guides and begin channeling. Step 7 - If you are receiving a Tarot card reading then the intuitive will direct you as how to handle the deck, and what to do with it. Please be careful with our Tarot decks, these are our tools and we have built special connections to them over years of practice. Once you pick your cards, the intuitive will place them in a spread and begin to process, channel, and formulate the picture that the reading is conveying to you. Sit back and listen. The intuitive will ask for confirmation in order to avoid going around in circles. Please confirm, or deny, the information when they ask. You may ask questions when the intuitive finishes, or directs you to ask any questions. Step 8 - If you are receiving either a Palm or verbal Aura reading, the intuitive will ask to see one of your palms or both. The specific process that our intuitive's employ is called psychometry (we feel and see information when we touch you), paired with century old knowledge. We may, or may not, use this same technique to assist us in reading your Aura. In most cases we can read/assess your Aura just by looking at you. Either way, please sit back and allow us to conduct our work and convey the information we are given, to you. Step 9 - Please don't be shy. If you have any questions, or feel that the intuitive didn't convey enough information, or didn't explain something in more detail, please let them know and they will do their best to address and satisfy your question. Please note that persistent/overzealous patrons will be asked to leave, or pay for a longer session (at the intuitive's discretion). Step 10 - When your session is complete you can pay at the front desk! ​ You may see some variance from this process, as each reading is completely unique to you!
  • What are Tarot cards?
    Tarot cards are divination tools, used by our Intuitives and many blessed enough to take the time to study and refine their gifts, for a clearer picture of past, present and future events. It is important to note that every reading is individual and the information that comes through is what is needed in that moment.
  • Are Tarot cards evil?
    No. Tarot cards are tools used for divination purposes; basically they help to paint a picture that requires interpretation by the intuitive.
  • What are Ouija boards?
    Ouija boards are NOT divination tools. They are portals into the spirit realm that are always ON. This means that they don't require any interpretation. Being a conduit, and portal, that has no protection can, and will, create danger for anyone who uses such a portal. No matter what your intention we highly recommend that you avoid these.
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