"Live. Laugh. Love with God, by God, & through God."


--Ryan W. Evans  

(Owner/Intuitive Life & Spiritual Coach)





On Thursday, March 19th, we are switching to temporary hours until further notice. 

Monday - Saturday 12pm - 7pm

We will be closed on Sundays


*Please continue to read further about procedures for new clients/existing clients & services, & merchandise. The door will be locked during business hours but a member of the staff will be onsite to answer the phone, prepare merchandise orders, and setup appointments, etc. 

Dear Valued Aura Clinic Customer/Client: 


During these troubled & uncertain times we want to convey our support to the community that we serve and update you regarding operational hours and policies. All of us are dealing with a rapidly changing fluid situation that requires extreme urgency, common sense, and compassion. Please note that we take great pride in maintaining a clean & safe facility that we call home here at The Aura Clinic. Our staff takes great measures to sanitize all areas of the store daily. During the flu season that effort increased and it increased again in January during the early reports of the Corona virus (Covid-19). 

Our priority is to provide a safe & clean environment that’s spiritually inviting to all. We will continue to follow all updates regarding the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) recommendations along with federal, state, & city mandates.


With that being stated, any appointments that are currently booked will be seen in person (we ask that anyone who does not feel well please advise us prior to your appointment and we will move your session to a remote/phone/face-time session, and this includes Groupon customers as well). 


Whether you are a new customer or established customer and were thinking about a session, we will certainly accommodate you with a remote/phone/face-time session. These sessions can be accessed and paid for through our website under Fabulous Phone Readings.


*Until further notice all new appointments must be scheduled over the phone by a member of the staff. 


Our amazing staff has been updating our online site so that we can offer all of our fabulous metaphysical products to you as easily as possible. We are now offering free nation wide shipping via USPS (certain restrictions apply for weight) along with free curbside pick up. Please visit:


Please note that we too are attempting to adjust to the new normal (though it's temporary) and are here to assist you the best way that we can. Please call us at 817-200-7662 or email us with any questions or concerns that you have regarding appointments, services, and merchandise. 

What we are all facing now is not just an American issue, but a Human issue. This disease knows no boundaries regarding religion, spirituality, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, or even what college you attended. Only collectively, with the immense illumination of God's light (your brains) and the power of creativity & ingenuity only found in Humanity can we overcome this and evolve, transform, and find peace in ourselves and with each other. 

My love goes out to everyone and we here at The Aura Clinic will continue to send love & light to all of you!

Many Blessings!!!

Ryan W. Evans (Owner)

Whether you need to make an executive decision or need long term insight into your life we can help!

Love & Karmic 


Is she the one?

Is she in love with me?

Will we reunite again?

Is he my soul-companion? 

Are we twin flames?

Spiritual & Karmic Energy Drains

Are you feeling confused?

Do you feel lost?

Are you feeling and seeing stagnation in your life? 

Does your energy feel blocked? 

Do you feel drained of all of your energy when you are around someone specific in your life?

Has someone projected the Evil Eye upon you?

Intuition &

Extra Sensory Perception

Do you have vivid and intense dreams?

Do you see orbs, colors, shadows, or apparitions?

Are you intuitive?

Are you empathic?

Do you feel disconnected from God?

Spirituality -

Meditation - Prayer

Are you successful yet unhappy?

Despite success, career, and reputation are you still searching for something or someone to fill the voids?


We cary a wide variety of items including:

  • Energy Stones & Crystals

  • Aroma Therapy Products

  • Spiritual & Holy Candles

  • Incense, Sage, & Palo Santo

  • Books & Tarot Cards

  • Statues

  • Cultural artifacts from all over the world

  • Jewelry

  • Much, much more...

Fabulous & accurate readings with amazing

life & spiritual coaching advice! Where ever you are, whenever you need it! 

  • 15 minute / 3 questions $25 USD

  • 30 minute remote psychic tarot + aura card $40 USD

  • 60 minute remote psychic tarot + aura card + channeling + relationship focus $120 USD

  • 30 minute - established clients - remote consultation - $60 USD

  • 60 minute - established clients - remote consultation $120 USD



We wish to make a


in your life

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Monday - Saturday    11:00 am - 9:00 pm

Sunday                          11:00 am - 7:00 pm



***This business has a NO REFUND OR RETURN POLICY on any service, merchandise, or materials. 

For the purposes of this business and disclaimer the terms services/“work” are in regards to the following: tarot card, aura, palm and past life readings and or purchasing/retaining various spiritual services/“work” (i.e., rituals, divination and meditation ceremonies, aura cleansing & chakra balancing, candles, crystals, oils, etc…).

The Aura Clinic, LLC charges an hourly rate of $120 plus any fees for goods/materials/merchandise required for spiritual services, rituals, etc

These are time-tested rituals which include time tested natural ingredients which come from all over the world. Purchaser agrees to acknowledge that everyone is different physically, spiritually, mentally, and in their chemical composition. Therefore rituals work differently for everyone and some rituals manifest more quickly for certain people than others. Patience is the key when unleashing this type of spiritual energy. Purchaser also has the option to receive these items and initiate the ritual (s) on their own, or our highly experienced psychics will conduct the ritual (s) for you. Remember, all readings and rituals are for entertainment purposes only, but should be received by the purchaser with utmost respect and handled with care!

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