What is Aura & Chakra Cleansing?

Cleansing the Aura is the process by which Aura Clinic practitioners physically manifest frequency change in your personal energy field (Aura). Utilizing a Four Point System we are able to modify your Aura (the type of colors & frequencies that you emit) from the center of your being. This is extremely important because other's subconsciously, and super consciously pick up on your energy. Most people know immediately if they want to begin a dialogue with someone or not. Their intuition is reading your Aura. That's why it's so important that your Aura radiate the most positive and successful colors and frequencies in order to help you bring about positivity, opportunity, and success in all facets of your life. The Aura is the TRUE SECRET to success and well-being given to us by God. 

Chakra's are the seven main energy points aligned along the spinal column which create the Auric field. Each Chakra inherently controls multiple aspects pertaining to your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The Aura Clinic's Four Point System allows for any build up of negative energy and decay to be chiseled out so that each Chakra emits balanced energy flow and color.

Aura's and Chakra's require routine maintenance as we mature and endure life. Just as our muscle tissue requires massage treatments to knead out knots so too does our Aura's and Chakra's need cleansing and calibration. There are various reasons that Aura's and Chakra's become blocked, drained, dysfunctional, and contaminated. These include: Karmic energy, the people around you (even lovers or spouses), the situations or circumstances you are exposing yourself to, and from any spiritual attacks or entities that maybe attached to you. There are many other variables to take into consideration but these are the main ones to be aware of. 

Actual client receiving a healing session with the Infra Mat Pro.

A fifth element that we incorporate during specific sessions is deep infrared heat therapy which helps to promote cellular regeneration thus helping the body to heal itself. 

The Aura Clinic is proud to incorporate the Healthy Line Infra Mat Pro into specific healing sessions. This is an exceptional piece of technology that emit soothing, powerful infrared heat deep into the body. The mat also emits photons and negative ions. Both create an extremely reparative therapy. 

The mat is inlayed with beautiful and powerful Amethyst stones, along with Jade and Black Tourmaline. The stones energy activates due to the intense heat being emitted. That energy surrounds and penetrates your body. 

Actual Aura & Healing Sanctuary Room with various singing bowls, stones, and other energy tools. 

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***This business has a NO REFUND OR RETURN POLICY on any service, merchandise, or materials. 

For the purposes of this business and disclaimer the terms services/“work” are in regards to the following: tarot card, aura, palm and past life readings and or purchasing/retaining various spiritual services/“work” (i.e., rituals, divination and meditation ceremonies, aura cleansing & chakra balancing, candles, crystals, oils, etc…).

The Aura Clinic, LLC charges an hourly rate of $120 plus any fees for goods/materials/merchandise required for spiritual services, rituals, etc

These are time-tested rituals which include time tested natural ingredients which come from all over the world. Purchaser agrees to acknowledge that everyone is different physically, spiritually, mentally, and in their chemical composition. Therefore rituals work differently for everyone and some rituals manifest more quickly for certain people than others. Patience is the key when unleashing this type of spiritual energy. Purchaser also has the option to receive these items and initiate the ritual (s) on their own, or our highly experienced psychics will conduct the ritual (s) for you. Remember, all readings and rituals are for entertainment purposes only, but should be received by the purchaser with utmost respect and handled with care!

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