What is Intuition? 

The term Intuition should be considered an umbrella term. All forms of Extra Sensory Perception fall under Intuition. At the basic level for all humans Intuition manifests itself as gut feelings, vivid dreams, deja vu, and premonitions. 

Advanced Intuition pertains to acute abilities regarding perception and there is a long list. This includes: psychic, Aura perception, channeling & mediumship, astral travel or projection, clairvoyance, clairsentience, 

clairaudience, divination, dowsing, empathy, exorcism, energy manipulation or Reiki, precognition, psychometry, remote viewing, scrying, and a perception of overall spirituality to list a few. These are all sub branches of Intuition. 

Some individuals may possess only one ability where as others may possess multiple abilities. Our Intuitive's possess many abilities. Each client is different thus each reading is different. For example, during a Tarot card reading several abilities may be employed. A client may have spirits or entities who attempt to communicate during the session. At that moment our mediumship abilities will come into play. Again, every reading/session is different. 

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Monday - Saturday    11:00 am - 9:00 pm

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***This business has a NO REFUND OR RETURN POLICY on any service, merchandise, or materials. 

For the purposes of this business and disclaimer the terms services/“work” are in regards to the following: tarot card, aura, palm and past life readings and or purchasing/retaining various spiritual services/“work” (i.e., rituals, divination and meditation ceremonies, aura cleansing & chakra balancing, candles, crystals, oils, etc…).

The Aura Clinic, LLC charges an hourly rate of $120 plus any fees for goods/materials/merchandise required for spiritual services, rituals, etc

These are time-tested rituals which include time tested natural ingredients which come from all over the world. Purchaser agrees to acknowledge that everyone is different physically, spiritually, mentally, and in their chemical composition. Therefore rituals work differently for everyone and some rituals manifest more quickly for certain people than others. Patience is the key when unleashing this type of spiritual energy. Purchaser also has the option to receive these items and initiate the ritual (s) on their own, or our highly experienced psychics will conduct the ritual (s) for you. Remember, all readings and rituals are for entertainment purposes only, but should be received by the purchaser with utmost respect and handled with care!

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The Aura Clinic, LLC